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My personal brand and portfolio is not a difficult concept. I am branding myself as a self-starter with a simple mindset with great work ethic and ability to learn. My personality is relaxed and simple.  I am using my portfolio to get that message across. My various pages help get that message across.

  • Home: Simple color scheme and text. My picture is not anything special but it is clean and neat. My bio on the page explains who I am and what I am passionate about.
  • Audio: This section highlights some projects I have done on my own. The information I have in this section highlights my other abilities.
  • Video: This page shows I am multidimensional and creative. It showcases my Final Cut Pro Skills and my simple ideas making unique projects
  • Features: This showcases my writing ability and the things I am passionate about. I love gathering the story of how things come to be and hearing the stories from the source.
  • Keywords: This is a unique page that showcases my strengths. I featured my main points on my resume, and attached a link.

Through my multiple pages, projects, and writing blurbs any employer will have a clear idea of who I am and what I would bring to their company. By keeping things simple on my page it makes it easily viewable to employers and still showcases my complex talents


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Name: Zach Strehlau

Track: Communication, Culture, & Community


  1. Minoring in Russian
  2. Sings for Astha Acapella
  3. Involved with the Saint Louis University Theater Program

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Zach Strehlau: SLU Communication, Culture, and Community   Leave a comment

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John D. Sutter Portfolio

This portfolio belongs to CNN writer John D. Sutter. Upon first look his page is very clean and easy to navigate. His site is split into 6 total pages each serving a different purpose.

  • Home page: This part of his site provides a brief description of who he is and exemplifies his general interests. It provides examples of some of the things he has documented through the use of multimedia.
  • Multimedia: This page provides examples of his videos, podcasts, and slide shows. A great overview of his various skills
  • Photos: Links to his personal Flickr account that provides images of his favorite images, and his slideshow projects for CNN.
  • Resume: His resume is nontraditional. It provides many forms of contact and a good overview of his talents and previous experience.
  • Words: This page title caught my attention because it was unique. I instantly clicked on this to discover the stories he has written in the past.

Overall I like this site it is pretty simple. The font and color is simple. I think he could make it stand out more with some different color schemes and designs. It looks similar to a word press blog so he can try harder to make it stand out. His site is content driven which makes up for the lack of creativity with design.

Nontraditional News

The Onion provides a satirical view on recent news stories. This page is set up similar to other recognizable news website pages. This design make is easy for users to use and relate to the site.

  • Home page: This page provides users with the most recent and relevant stories. It also has a side news feed that links users to stories that are being produced.
  • Video: The video page is simple to use and has instant streaming which keeps the users on the page and does not redirect users to other sites.
  • Sports: This page is set up similar to the home page with stories and news feeds. This consistency draws users to the pages since it is not overwhelming.
  • News Beat: Different from the other pages, I like when a site has a consistent set up.
  • Drop down Tabs “More and Social” : These drop downs keep the top headline clear of too many tabs. It provides links to more stories of different interest groups.

The design of the site is decent. The pages are inconsistent with each one. The simplicity of the site changes based on the page the user is on. Overall, the media and posts on the site are creative and interesting. The font and colors are readable and interesting. There is a lot of information on the site but the use of tabs and drop down menu’s keep everything neat and accessible.


This site provides sport stories and pop culture stories. It is very clean and easy to use.  The tabs provide links to different stories and forms of media. This sports news blog took off under the main writer Bill Simmons and has developed into a large staff of writers.

  • Home Page: This site provides the most recent stories by the staff writers and other relevant links
  • Features: this page is separated by publish date. This creates for easy navigation to discover stories from a day a user might have missed.
  • Blogs: Provides links to the staff writers personal blogs. This allows them to receive more hits for the other work they have done in the past.
  • Contributors: This is a drop down tab that opens up a list of the writers for Grantland. This makes it easy for a user to read articles that one of their favorite writers wrote in the past.
  • Simmons: This link takes you to a small bio of the founder and editor-in-chief of the site. It serves as a mini portfolio for him. Provides links to his twitter and facebook for users who want to be more connected.
  • Quarterly: This tab takes you to a store that allows users to purchase the Grantland quarterly that compiles the top stories from a specific time period.
  • Podcasts: A different form of media, that provides more to the site and highlights the other talents of the writing staff.
  • Contact: This allows the users to contact the site through email and mail. This provides a level of interaction that most sites have.

Overall the design of the site is simple and readable. A lot of tabs make it confusing for first time users. Once a user navigates the site and finds specific topics they are interested in the site becomes easy to use.

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1. What has been the biggest transition from college to the work field?

2. How has the use of social media been used in your profession?

3. What is some advice you may have for students who will be graduating next month?

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Luckily for me, Final Cut Pro is not a new application to work with. I have worked on small scale projects last year. Also, I have been going through a crash course for my Sports Documentary class this semester.

Tricks of the Trade

One reason that I like Final Cut Pro is because of my background with editing audio clips. I enjoy the challenge of taking various footage and mixing it together to make one concise project. Video editing is still fairly new to me so I am still working on perfecting my ability to cut precisely to make it all work out. I believe that my experience with other media editing software will help me trouble shoot any other problems I may face.


At the moment I do not have any major issues with using Final Cut PRo. I need to work on my patience and perfection skills since the editing is both visible and audible to the viewer. Mixing and matching is one thing I am working on but I feel that these skills will improve the more I use the software.

Personally, I do not have any other questions or concerns as I move forward with the project. I will continue to troubleshoot as I continue to work on the project.

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