Africa 2 Australia. Reviewing the MPJ Journey   Leave a comment

The multiplatform journalism project I decided to review was “Africa 2 Australia”. This article caught my attention based on the simple but effective title. It made me wonder what stories were going to be told through out the article.

Upon entering the site, the viewer is met with an interactive loading screen. This keeps the readers attention until everything has loaded. Once everything has loaded audio begins playing with many artfully crafted photos changing in the background. The audio is telling a story of the first person that was telling their journey from Africa to Australia.

The site provides the reader and opportunity to watch 6 video and photo stories. The large amount of content has something for everyone, which makes this a valuable piece of multiplatform journalism since there is a little something for everyone. It also provides relevant timely information in a creative way.

The one thing that makes this a bit different than most multiplatform journalism is the amount of people working on the project. 30 people helped complete the project. So far the class has only seen clips and ideas produced by a one-man-band. I was surprised to find out the amount of people dedicated to work on the project.

Finally, the stories all have the option of being heard and read in a variety of languages. This spectrum of languages allows for the project to expand the audience and provide interpretation amongst many cultures. Dialogue can then begin to occur across different mediums and share other ideas.

Overall, this website provides great examples of multiplatform journalism. It provides timely news to the public. It also reaches a wide range of audiences. The creativity of collecting the various stories and producing them kept the reader engaged.


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