Making the Cut: Final Cut Pro Update   Leave a comment

Luckily for me, Final Cut Pro is not a new application to work with. I have worked on small scale projects last year. Also, I have been going through a crash course for my Sports Documentary class this semester.

Tricks of the Trade

One reason that I like Final Cut Pro is because of my background with editing audio clips. I enjoy the challenge of taking various footage and mixing it together to make one concise project. Video editing is still fairly new to me so I am still working on perfecting my ability to cut precisely to make it all work out. I believe that my experience with other media editing software will help me trouble shoot any other problems I may face.


At the moment I do not have any major issues with using Final Cut PRo. I need to work on my patience and perfection skills since the editing is both visible and audible to the viewer. Mixing and matching is one thing I am working on but I feel that these skills will improve the more I use the software.

Personally, I do not have any other questions or concerns as I move forward with the project. I will continue to troubleshoot as I continue to work on the project.


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