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My personal brand and portfolio is not a difficult concept. I am branding myself as a self-starter with a simple mindset with great work ethic and ability to learn. My personality is relaxed and simple.  I am using my portfolio to get that message across. My various pages help get that message across.

  • Home: Simple color scheme and text. My picture is not anything special but it is clean and neat. My bio on the page explains who I am and what I am passionate about.
  • Audio: This section highlights some projects I have done on my own. The information I have in this section highlights my other abilities.
  • Video: This page shows I am multidimensional and creative. It showcases my Final Cut Pro Skills and my simple ideas making unique projects
  • Features: This showcases my writing ability and the things I am passionate about. I love gathering the story of how things come to be and hearing the stories from the source.
  • Keywords: This is a unique page that showcases my strengths. I featured my main points on my resume, and attached a link.

Through my multiple pages, projects, and writing blurbs any employer will have a clear idea of who I am and what I would bring to their company. By keeping things simple on my page it makes it easily viewable to employers and still showcases my complex talents


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